With a growing membership, Runnerslog.com is poised to be the premier online community for distance athletes.

Launched over 12 years ago, Runnerslog.com focused on a simple, flexible concept. Let runners log their times and distances. Let them track their progress on individual courses, with different shoes, and in specific races. And the best part? It was all free.

Runnerslog.com is still free,

still growing, and still helping runners and other distance-minded athletes improve their performance. We’re improving, too, expanding our services to be the social networking site of choice for the endurance sport community.

Runnerslog.com is the place to meet training partners,

to share tips and encouragement through online forums, to plan for upcoming races, and to learn about the latest gear to help you hit your goals.

It’s all here—and all free—at Runnerslog.com

Runnerslog.com hopes that the new look and feel of the site is pleasing to everyone.